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Akutra-Ramses Cea

Akutra-Ramses Cea

LeapMaker LLC

Use these proven tools to finally have a profitable online business. What do all successful internet entrepreneurs have in common? They utilize the best tools skillfully.

When I was young, I travelled around Europe even residing in several cities as a volunteer computer systems manager. Returning to the U.S.A, I obtained two college degrees finishing with a 4.0 grade point average.

As a technologiest, I have started several small online businesses. I found myself repeatedly utilizing and accessing certain specific sorts of tools. Of course, orginally these tools were back in the 90's and designed for older browser technologies. Today, these technologies have advanced significantly, and some new tools have provided some interesting possibilities. Learning how to fully utilize these tools can be priceless knowledge so, I wish for you the best on your way.

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